🍀I'm Brianna, snoochie boochies. Animals, pot🍁, Loki✊👅, and Chinese food🍜 are some of my favorite things. I hate when people spell color colour🎨. I secretly wish I was a hippie🌼 and my cat, Nugget🐈, is my pride and joy. If you like what I re-post, FOLLOW ME. But if you don't like my posts then just get off my page. Namaste niggas.🌙☀


following someone then realizing they annoying af


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The Sound of Music (1965)

tumblr fucked me up so bad i kept expecting something ridiculous to happen at the end like a still of her telling the kids to go fuck themselves smh

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“faster,” i moaned. “why won’t this page load faster?”

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hold on let me quote the bible so i can win this argument

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i need 5 hours of tumblr to balance out my 5 minutes of studying 

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Roses are red 🌹
Violets are blue 💙
I hope that I 👤
Never lose you 👥
Sunsets turn pink ☀
Your shirt is white 👕
You are the day 🌞
To my dark night ⭐
I hope this poem 📝
Brightened your day ⛅
But I love you more 💕
Than words could ever say 💬

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